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Pre-Optometry Society is dedicated to helping UCLA undergraduates explore the field of optometry and learn the necessary steps to become an optometrist. We have opportunities to network, volunteer/shadow, learn more about applying/taking the OAT, socializing and more!



Winter meeting are held every week Tuesday from 6-7PM (PST) in MS 5137.


Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 975 7837 5229

Password: uclapreopt


Winter Meeting Schedule:


    Week 1 (Tuesday 1/10 In-Person @ MS 5137): Class planning
    Week 3 (Tuesday 1/24 In-Person @ MS 5137): SCCO NOSA Club Presentation and Q&A
    Week 5 (THURSDAY 2/9 In-Person @TBD): OAT  
    Week 7 (THURSDAY 2/23 In-Person Location TBD): How to get job and shadowing opportunities  

Week 9 (THURSDAY 3/2 Virtual): Optometry Student Q&A 

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What is Optometry? 

Optometry combines the biological and physical sciences into a clinical discipline with diagnoses and corrects a wide range of vision difficulties. Doctors of Optometry (O.D.'s) provide treatment by prescribing ophthalmic lenses or other optical aids, provide vision therapy to preserve or restore maximum efficiency in vision, and in most states, are authorized to prescribe drugs in the treatment of certain eye diseases. O.D.'s can also detect general diseases of the human body that have the potential capacity to affect vision, such as diabetes, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis. 

Why Optometry? 

Optometry is more than correcting one's vision - it's improving their quality of life! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual mean wage in California is $132,950, and the demand for optometrists is expected to grow 10% by from 2018 to 2023. An average optometrist works 37.3 hours a week, many owning their own private practice. As a comfortable 9-5PM job with the potential of lots of autonomy, optometry is a wonderful profession.

Where We Go!

IMG_2558 - amy zheng.HEIC

Amy Zheng, President/Mentor 2020-2021

UC Berkeley School of Optometry Class of 2025

IMG_1438 - Sarah Yun.HEIC

Sarah Yun, Vice President/Mentor 2020-2021

University of Houston College of Optometry Class of 2025

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 10.00.48 PM - Herlyn Mcintosch.png

Schools that our members have gone off to:

u of houston.png

Herlyn Mcintosh, Community Representative/Mentor 2020-2021

Western University College of Optometry Class of 2025

Leanne Lee, Mentor 2020-2021

Southern California College of Optometry Class of 2025

Tameen Ahmed, Community Representative 2020-2021

Southern California College of Optometry Class of 2025

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